Captioning Awareness Week

Scenesaver is delighted to partner with StageTEXT for Captioning Awareness Week.


Subtitles really do matter. They have a huge impact on people’s lives and their families. They open the door to enjoying and understanding theatre, which is why Scenesaver is championing subtitling during Captioning Awareness Week.

Fact: Did you know that over 20% of all BBC iPlayer viewers always use subtitles?

For Captioning Awareness Week we are encouraging all our creatives to share footage of work with subtitles, even if just for a limited time.

We are also making our captioning team available to any creative who wants to get their work subtitled but doesn’t know where to start. Our team can help you quickly and inexpensively, just get in touch and share the footage with us:

Experience our bumper collection of subtitled performances during Captioning Awareness Week and beyond on Scenesaver. 

Three Sisters (Subtitled)

Three tight-knit sisters see their sibling dynamic blossom in surprising ways when they meet their long lost sister for the first time by video-call during the lockdown. Subtitled version.

Continuity (Subtitled)

Scenesaver has teamed up with The Finborough Theatre to present subtitled content for free.  A forensic examination of the soul of an Irish ‘freedom fighter’. Pádraig Devlin is a dissident Irish Republican, who begins to have doubts about his commitment to The Cause after he meets and falls in love […]

Charlotte Bronte Snares the Suitor (Subtitled)

This is a comedy which tells the story of Charlotte Bronte’s romance with Arthur Bell Nicholls. Charlotte has refused Arthur many times, as she thinks he looks like an ox and is only a curate. She is a well-known and brilliant author and Jane Eyre is the best book ever […]

100% Chance of Rain

Beautiful, inspiring and uplifiting, 100% Chance of Rain offers insights and reflections through this unique theatrical presentation. It is estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year. 100% Chance of Rain will explore the individual and universal truths behind the statistics, and […]


In a world where one seems to have it all, and one who desperately wants it – how far would you go to compromise? Somewhere between despair and desire, there is a masterplan. Join us on a journey of obsession and betrayal of humankind. David Bottomley’s play gives insight into […]

We’ll Dance on the Ash of the Apocalypse (Subtitled)

This evocative new play tells the story of a young couple living in a world ravaged by climate change. They face a terrifying prospect: an unplanned pregnancy. Together they must decide whether they can bring a defenceless child into a seemingly hopeless world. Described as original and moving, and an […]


Big Girl uses observational stand-up comedy, self-penned spoken word poetry and movement to evoke various feelings from her audiences to build a relationship – a friendship. Emily interacts with her audiences like a stand-up comedian would but to share relatable moments in growing up as well as comment on social […]

PHEBE: ‘Think not I love him …’ (Subtitled)

A resident of Love Arden has a rant about her love/hate object.—from As You Like It Fully captioned. Part of the ‘Shakespeare (she/her)’ digital project: 35 videos featuring Shakespeare’s women in contemporary contexts ‘… witty, arresting, poignant and powerful’—Dr Chris Laoutaris, Shakespeare Institute

Shakespeare Republic: Hamlet (Hamlet)

TIM CONSTANTINE as “HAMLET” from HAMLET “Bloody, bawdy villain! Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain!” We visit with Hamlet, who has been working on the frontlines for most of 2020 and is now dealing with the stress and fatigue that so many have been experiencing over this time. Part of Shakespeare […]