Scenesaver Birthday Honours

The Winners have been announced! Read our blog post here and browse all finalist performances below.

The Scenesaver Birthday Honour Awards will return in May 2023.


The Duchess of Malfi

John Webster’s macabre Jacobean revenge tragedy is given an outlandish twist. Set in a superstitious Dust Bowl era circus – this story of the perils of controlling women comes across as a vibrant metaphor for control and restriction – and breaking free.

The Hades & Persephone Project

On an island where the tensions between native and newcomers run high, a seed of love is planted that may just break the cycle of the seasons. The Hades & Persephone Project leads audiences down to the Underworld and back again in a centuries-long journey through love and violence, myth […]


Picasso-genius or monster or both? He wrote ‘Love is the greatest refreshment in life’. His greatest love was his art, and no woman could ever compare, yet he could not live without them. ‘ ‘When I love a woman everything is torn apart, everything, including the woman, including my paintings, […]

Lear Alone

Award winning web series based on King Lear created in partnership with CRISIS and supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Free to view but donations to CRISIS are encouraged via Just Giving. Winner of the OnComm for best series at the 2022 Off West End Awards. >> Watch […]

I Don’t Dance

Ralph is a large unkempt man in ill health who lives alone. His apparent independence masks his vulnerability and fear for his future.He is sharp, stubborn and complex. Jonny is 18, but appears younger. He is both street smart and aspirational. After a spell in juvenile detention, he sees a […]


Hadar Galron is an award winning and International playwright and actress (also a screenwriter and director). Several of her plays have had highly successful and long-run productions around the world, in National and Municipal theatres. Her film “The Secrets” and TV series “Harem” are available on Amazon Prime. Her latest play […]

Rossetti’s Women

Fanny Cornforth tells the story of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s life with the assistance of Lizzie Siddal and Jane Morris. Despite Rossetti’s womanizing and drug addiction, Fanny proves herself to be a true friend. >>Watch subtitled version Broadway Baby: “Rosetti’s Women is clever, entertaining and well-executed” The Edinburgh Reporter: “…portrayed with […]

Letters from the Affair

Letters from the Affair is a multi-media work that crosses the boundaries between jazz, opera and musical theater (It also has a great deal of art history in it).  Letters from the Affair tells a true but little-known story about the Dreyfus Affair and how it ended the friendship between the artists Edgar […]

Deaf Ears – How I Learned to Hear

What’s it like to have deaf parents? In this thoughtful and poignant solo show, psychotherapist and author Joe Friedman considers his life to answer the question. Joe’s storytelling takes you from childhood with two deaf parents, to an acid-fuelled encounter with the Chicago police, and onto a life-changing encounter with […]

The Mystery of Syleham Manor

‘The Mystery of Syleham Manor’ is a brand new ensemble audio drama by Unscene Suffolk, Ipswich’s resident theatre company of visually-impaired adults has been hard at work during the pandemic. Unable to meet up, members have been participating in online drama sessions and have created a cast of fast, funny […]

Radio 69

Radio 69 is an irreverent queer British comedy set in a radio station in the Scottish borders. It follows the normally mundane lives of the people who work there on an adventure that involves irony, betrayal, and Nicola Sturgeon’s red blazer as everything falls apart around them in a race […]

Three Sisters

Three tight-knit sisters see their sibling dynamic blossom in surprising ways when they meet their long lost sister for the first time by video-call during the lockdown.

Masks and Faces (Subtitled)

MASKS AND FACES OR, BEFORE AND BEHIND THE CURTAIN “We are actors. The most unfortunate of all artists. Nobody regards our feelings…” The online premiere of a unique rediscovery. The Finborough Theatre presents a new digital production of the classic Victorian theatrical comedy Masks and Faces, by Charles Reade and […]

King Lear

>>SUBTITLED VERSION AVAILABLE HERE Jo Emery Productions presents a modern, abridged adaptation of “KING LEAR” by William Shakespeare, originally performed as a live stream production from the Pump House Theatre Watford from 12th to 15th May 2021. Set in the Corporate world, Lear is the CEO dividing up his Property […]

TiA: The Crossroads

Africa is faced with series of challenges ranging from insecurity, drugs consumption and environmental issues. These challenges stemmed from the fact that young people who are the back bone of these economies, see no future in their countries but rush to the West for greener pasture. However, the few who […]

The Chief’s Blanket

The performance is about indigenous culture regarding girls’ initiation and the installation of traditional chiefs amongst some Malawian tribes. The first part of the performance depicts the end of a girls’ initiation ceremony with advice on what is expected of a well-mannered traditional Malawian girl as she enters adulthood. A […]

The Midnight Gang

When the clock strikes midnight most children are fast asleep, but for the Midnight Gang the journey is just beginning. Five children find themselves in hospital for a variety of reasons, including Tom who’s been hit on the head by a cricket ball and really doesn’t want to go back […]

Aidy the Awesome

Aidy is a normal 8 year old girl… or so she thinks! One day she discovers a family secret that changes everything. Aidy and her granny embark on an adventure that turns their world upside down. They even begin to question what normal is. After all, who wants to be […]

The Looking Glass

Written by J.F. Cornes and Tomas Mason, The Looking Glass is a multi – arts theatre production based on the Lewis Carroll Novels ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking Glass’. It is the debut show of Carnival of Eternal Light. The Looking Glass shows us the magical and […]

The Cockerel and the Fox

Summary: The wise Cockerel gets lost and encounters the cunning Fox. He takes flight and perches on top of a wall. The Fox makes up a story to entice the Cockerel to come down, about wild animals gathering together peacefully, but the Cockerel thinks quickly and bluffs that he sees […]

Waiting for the Ship to Sail

Chickenshed presents an artistic response to the urgent and pressing questions of global migration, and investigates the concepts of national and personal identity. We find ourselves in a world where the building of walls – both in reality and figuratively – places ever more barriers between people who have more […]


First performance of ‘Verity’, an original musical by Nia Williams, at the Old Fire Station theatre in Oxford. Revived for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019.

Meet at the Ark at Eight

When news comes that two penguins have been chosen to board Noah’s Ark, they need to work out what to do with their friend, and how to smuggle a penguin in a suitcase past a very suspicious but slightly forgetful dove. Joy Thomson and Alastair Falk ‘s delightful and hilarious […]