Scenesaver Birthday Honours

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The 2023 Winners are announced:

Best Supporting Performer
WINNER: Mike Corsale Tussy

Runners up:
Richard Curnow Naming the View
Enow Bismarck Sanctuary
Natalia Ponomarova The Birthday Party

Best Director 
WINNER: Daphna Attias & Terry O’Donovan Odds On

Runners up:
Andres Velasquez The Return
Bernie C Byrnes The Quality of Mercy
John Knowles Caliban’s Codex
Frédérique Michel Department of Dreams
Stephen Smith Notre Dame

Best Play
WINNER: Last Little Girl by Mama Quilla Productions

Runners up:
Sell Me: I Am From North Korea
by North Korea Theater
The Quality of Mercy by Nailed Productions
Planet Speranta by Finborough Theatre
Spitting in the Face of the Devil by JMTC Theatre

Best Playwright
WINNER: Edwin Flay Quality of Mercy

Runners up:
Bob Brader Spitting in the Face of the Devil
Hamza Adam Rafique Skin Deep
Nina Zakhozhenko Red Lipstick
Kay Adshead The Last Little Girl

Best Lead Performer
WINNER: Sora Baek Sell Me: I Am From North Korea

Runners up:

Emily Carding Caliban’s Codex
Bob Brader Spitting in the Face of the Devil
Edwin Flay The Quality of Mercy
Rhiannon Llewellyn Mrs Pack
Gavin O’Neill Punched
Andrew Bate The King in Yellow 
Yulia Sosnovska The Birthday Party



The Quality of Mercy

Concerning the life and crimes of Dr Harold Frederick Shipman Also available with: Subtitles Audio Description From his cell in the early hours of the morning, Harold Shipman breaks his silence to record a confessional tape, laying down his version of events as he prepares to take one last life. Performer […]

Odds On

Watch the full interactive film streaming on this link from 14th December to 27th January 2023.  Felicity has been a hard-working GP, wife and grandmother, delicately juggling life’s demands and stresses for decades. When she retires, she begins to escape into the seductive world of Pearls of Fortune, an online […]


Award-winning playwright Jaki McCarrick uncovers the unknown story of Eleanor Marx, a feminist and social activist fighting for equality in 1880’s London. Through her work Eleanor, or Tussy as she is known to her friends, meets Will Thorne, an illiterate dock worker who with Eleanor’s help goes on to lead […]

The Last Little Girl

The Last Little Girl, written and directed by Kay Adshead, starring Armani Greer, produced by Mama Quilla Productions was performed at Midtown Arts and Theater Center (MATCH), Houston, on February 2, 2019, as part of Houston Plays on Purpose First Annual Showcase of Shorts. Scenesaver Birthday Honours Award 2023: Best […]

Naming The View

Streaming on Thursday 18th August at 7.30pm. Also available AUDIO DESCRIBED and SIGNED & SUBTITLED Addressing the Shakespearean Elephant in the Room. NAMING THE VIEW is a powerful new contemporary play that does just that. It takes the lead characters of Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew, places them in […]


Ideal Theatre Troupe from Cameroon perform “Sanctuary” by Ade Joseph.

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party is a comedy of menace full of exquisite British humor. It’s the story of a failed pianist Stanley. He was dreaming for too long and did not dare to reach for his own dream, and eventually found himself in a trap of a routine. The creators of […]

Caliban’s Codex

In the twelve years since Prospero’s departure, Caliban has painstakingly sifted through the ashes of the books of magic, slowly piecing together a new language and a way to save this island from mankind’s abuse. ‘There is no welcome here for you, your kind. Mankind, for there is nothing kind […]

Department of Dreams

In Kosovar playwright Jeton Neziraj nightmarish, Orwellian comedy Department of Dreams, an autocratic government demands its citizens deposit their dreams in a central, bureaucratic depository so that it can exert the fullest possible control of their imaginations. In a vast, underground complex, civil servants like Dan, a new hire for […]

Notre Dame

AVAILABLE ON SCENESAVER FROM SATURDAY 15TH APRIL STREAMING FOR ONE WEEK ONLY ‘Notre Dame’ is an online ‘promenade digital theatre’ event: shot in one singular take and streamed 100% live for an at-home audience. This ‘On Demand Version’ is made entirely from footage from our livestream shows, which were streamed […]

Planet Speranta (Subtitled)

World War Two. The Eastern Front. Five Soviet soldiers – whose names they are forbidden to share even with each other – sit in a bunker, waiting, as artillery fires overhead… Resigned to their bleak fate, they begin to share stories of past love and their dreams for a brighter […]

Spitting In The Face Of The Devil

Can you imagine discovering that your father is a predator? Hailed by critics as “brilliant”, “masterful” and “unforgettable”, Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is award-winning New York monologist Bob Brader’s gripping true story of discovering that his abusive and charismatic ex-Marine father is a pedophile. Brader’s daring, uplifting, […]


Elysium Theatre Company presents: SKIN DEEP by Hamza Adam Rafique Adil, a graduate from a working class Pakistani Muslim backgrounds tells the story of a relationship he had with a fellow graduate from a white middle class background with a high flying future. Hamza Adam Rafique’s funny, sharp, moving meditation […]

Red Lipstick

Written by Nina Zakhozhenko from Lviv, Ukraine and directed by James Robertson from Melbourne, Australia, “Red Lipstick”, originally titled “Tonya, Asya and a Plane”, takes a peek into the lives of two sisters sheltering in a metro station while their city is relentlessly attacked. Faced with danger and isolation, the […]

Mrs Pack

Filmed stage production at the Edinburgh Fringe of a new musical about a real woman: a wet nurse who suckled a prince, spied for a queen, and briefly turned the Stuart system upside down


A play exploring the fall of a working class hero and the alienation of working class culture through the eyes of a Punch and Judy performer – Punched. This hard hitting performance uses original script from the 1840’s alongside award winning writer John Knowles’s lyrical script. The play deals with […]

The King in Yellow

A theatre company obtains a copy of the rare and mysterious script, ‘The King in Yellow’ with an aim of becoming the first company ever to stage it. Shortly after rehearsals begin, the company goes missing. Upon investigation, this footage was found…