Ukraine Fringe

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Ukraine Fringe

A theatre festival in English around Ukraine Independence day

21 Aug – 3 Sept 2023

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All performances of the online section are unique projects that could not come to Ukraine this year. Donate now to help the war effort and creatives in Ukraine. Click on the Paypal button to pay for a virtual ticket and support Ukraine and the festival or donate direct via PayPal to


Robert McNamara ‘Report to an Academy’
Tomas K.H. Tse, Theatre Aether Butoh “To-To: a fairy tale of Lo-ting”
‘Monologues night’
Julie Zeno ‘The Imposteur’
‘English songs as comedy’
Kristin Milward ‘Nero’s Second Burning’
Deniel Geroll ‘DR Glas’
Madeleine Bongard ‘Be my Marguerite!’

Chewboy Productions


Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary

When three women form an alliance on a reality TV dating show, lunacy ensues. Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary pries back the masks we wear in public and private to reveal the cracking pressure of maintaining our personas.

The Booth

“The Booth,” written by our Artistic Director lance skapura and directed by our Stage Management Director Alice McCallister, is a ribald one-act play that turns the tables on the inner life of the theatre. Instead of focusing on the actors on the stage, this bawdy comedy centers on the technicians […]

Easy To Break Something

Is it only the war that makes you run away from home? Is every home in its own way a battlefield, where a war is fought between generations? And is there a way to break the circle? A story based on actual events, but where the boundaries between documentary and […]

Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?

Deaf parents. A hearing child. A woman on the edge of two worlds tells the story of finding her own voice. Also available with ASL interpretation and Captions, and with ASL interpretation only. Gloria Rosen is the award-winning Playwright & Performer of the autobiographical solo show: “Listen…Can You Hear Me […]

After Shakespeare

What happens to Shakespeare’s best-loved heroes and most reviled villains after the curtain falls? Come and join a host of familiar Shakespearean characters as they reflect back on their lives: including Lady Macbeth, Portia, Hamlet and King Hal (Henry V). Lexi Wolfe weaves together Shakespeare’s words, historical research, and her […]

The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

The Penelopiad by feminist icon Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. In this remarkable retelling of The Odyssey, Atwood transforms both the power and the politics of the classic tale by shifting the point of view to Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, and of her twelve faithful maids unjustly hanged by […]

Mary & Mietek

After discovering his grandparents’ old love letters, Ben makes a last attempt to secure his future with Alma. Separated by Brexit, borders and their own uncertainty, they come together for what might be the last time, to discover the love letters of Ben’s grandparents. 1945 doesn’t seem so far removed… […]


On the endless tides of the hungry Atlantic The crew of The Searcy…changes. Ol’ Matey Bo’sun locks himself in the brig. Over the next forty days He sends us his messages in a bottle. No sea birds were harmed in the makings of this tale. This project was conceived, written, […]


MACACOS (APES) is a play that only has an actor and a lipstick, and deals with the urgency of the black life in Brazil. Prejudice against black people is approached on stage based on the story of a black man who seeks answers to the racism that surrounds his daily […]


Buddy wants to be YOUR FRIEND. And Buddy is on home video! Seriously. All you gotta do is pop him in your home VHS system, and Buddy will take the friendship from there! ALL OF IT. Over and over. And over. Dust off your old VHS player and pop in […]


Hamlet. Bastardized. An Orphan discovers the mysterious circumstances behind the death of his father after his recently widowed mother has moved them both into her new husband’s mansion. Based on a true story. “Bastardised but not vandalised, Projekt Antihero reimagines Hamlet with a superb performance from Matthew Dunlop. Relocating us […]

Desfazenda – Bury me out of this place

“Desfazenda – Bury Me Out of This Place” focuses its action on the story of characters 12, 13, 23 and 40, black people who as children were saved from the war by a white priest, and live on a farm, taking care of daily tasks, supervised by Zero, a kind […]


A play exploring the fall of a working class hero and the alienation of working class culture through the eyes of a Punch and Judy performer – Punched. This hard hitting performance uses original script from the 1840’s alongside award winning writer John Knowles’s lyrical script. The play deals with […]


An irresponsible bachelor answers the call to care for his ailing mother, while reckoning with his bad-ass past. But will his new-found skills be enough? A true story of love, family and the power of redemption. “HUMOROUS, HEARTFELT AND MOVING” – Orlando Sentinel “POWERHOUSE OF A SHOW” – The Visitorium […]

7 ≈ 8

This performance is an immersive and ethereal experience, an ecosystem inhabited by the artist and the audience, where two intersected bodyscapes unfold, mapping her identity and circumscribing her transition. The piece’s scenography transports the spectator to the absolute simplicity of a work about the body, mind, and soul. Proposing the […]

Caliban’s Codex

In the twelve years since Prospero’s departure, Caliban has painstakingly sifted through the ashes of the books of magic, slowly piecing together a new language and a way to save this island from mankind’s abuse. ‘There is no welcome here for you, your kind. Mankind, for there is nothing kind […]

Walking on Spectrum

“Walking on Spectrum” is a medley show that explores different ways to tell one’s life story through stand-up comedy, spoken word, and storytelling. Juliana Heng has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Having ASD does not make one immune to life challenges. Why not live life with a spunk? Be prepared to […]

Eruption – the uprising is not over yet

The coletivA ocupação (Sao Paulo, Brazil) creates in its second show a choreography of the impossible, a scene of Party and War, which starts from the image that crosses us: What is the end of the world for worlds that have ended long ago? 16 performers transfigure themselves throughout the […]

Voices From Ukraine II

The second in a series of readings from short works by Ukrainian writers as a part of the Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings Project in support of humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

The Tragedy of Dorian Gray

It’s 1965, the world has changed, and London is swinging. In a studio in Chelsea, a young man is about to have his portrait painted. From there, Dorian’s story of fame, vanity, lust and corruption takes us on a twisted odyssey through heartbreak, betrayal and a touch of bloody murder. […]

A Scar is Born

A Scar is Born is the humorous story of one misfit’s hopeful audition. She reviews for the casting director important moments of her life and her journey from France to America. In the face of rejection, she never gives up her passion for performing the music of words and language. […]

Stormy – The Opera

STORMY THE OPERA is specially written by award-winning writer Kay Adshead for veteran Houston performers jhon r. stronks, Margo Stutts Toombs, and herself, the three main players. It uses the life and times of burlesque queen, Miss Stormy, as a conduit to explore America’s turbulent present and its possibly terrifying […]

The 4 Worst Things I’ve Ever Done

Erin’s done things. Bad things. And she’s here to confess them all. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done? I don’t mean skipping-church-because-you’re-too-hungover bad. I mean having-an-affair bad. I mean walking-out-on-your-children bad. I mean opening-a-tube-of-green-Pringles-on-a-long-car-journey bad. Erin has four. Four unforgivable things. Four things that keep her up at night. […]

This is the One

A piece of clothing can tell a thousand words. Terri’s life is shaped by the items they wear, drawing them closer to the femininity that they have kept secret from the world. But how will Terri’s life change once they wear what they have always wanted to wear? Performer and […]

Pressure Level, Pulse Rate

ProEnglish Theatre of Ukraine, World of English Speaking Theatres and Worldwide Ukrainian Play Readings invite you to watch the stage readings of contemporary Ukrainian playwrights.

Freedom War (English subtitles)

The online premiere FREEDOM WAR (with English subtitles – also available with Ukrainian subtitles) Based on the personal experiences of Gennadiy Kurochka In the midst of the 2014 Euromaidan protests, Gennadiy looked up through the haze at the Independence Monument, where at the top of the column, the Slavic Goddess […]