Theatre Club

There’s something really special about going to the theatre.

It’s not just about the performance; it’s the whole experience. It starts from the moment you buy your ticket: there’s the anticipation; the excitement because you never know what it is you are going to see; the performance itself and then additionally there’s the social element.

You don’t need to be with someone to go to the theatre, you can go on your own. But there’s something rather nice, either in the interval or when the performance has ended, in chatting about it with someone. Do their views concur with yours? Did they see something you may have missed? It can bring a whole new dimension to a performance.

And that is why Scenesaver is launching its Theatre Club- like a book club but for theatre.

How does Theatre Club work?

Each fortnight the Theatre Club will choose a performance to discuss. Members have two weeks in which to watch it and then they can join other club members on a videoconference to have a conversation about the performance. It’s as simple as that, and promises to be great fun. Initial upcoming dates and times are below.

We aren’t charging anything for users to join the club because we know the huge impact the pandemic is having on people’s finances. But as ever if you can please consider giving a donation, that would be fantastic and this money can go to the creatives.

To join the Scenesaver Theatre Club you need to be registered with Scenesaver. Not already a member? Sign up for free here, once registered please email us at and we’ll add you to our Theatre Club mailing list.

Who are the Theatre Club hosts?

We have some great people to lead the clubs. In the UK, Alan Fitter and John Chapman. who are both theatre critics and Offwestend super assessors, while John is also a theatre blogger.

In the USA we have Luisa Lyons, who has an MA in Musical Theatre from Royal Central School of Speech of Drama and is creator of the podcast Filmed Live Musicals.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday 17th December at 4pm GMT: Alan

Sunday 3rd January at 9pm GMT / 4pm EST: Luisa
Monday 11th January at 8pm GMT: John
Sunday 17th January at 9pm GMT / 4pm EST: Luisa
Monday 25th January at 8pm GMT: John