What people say about Scenesaver. 

“A fantastic new website… Great way to promote small theatre, and make it accessible to everybody.”
Zoë Wanamaker CBE, Actor

“Just wanted to congratulate you both on this brilliant idea!”
Madhav Sharma, Actor (Eastenders)

“Sheer genius”
Tommy Murray, performer

“Bloody brilliant!”
Sarah Berger, Actor & Founder So&So Arts Club

“This is the first time disabled people get to see this work!”
Isolte Avila, Signdance Collective

“A cracking enterprise that has never been done before”
Heather Jeffries, London Pub Theatres Magazine

“Thanks so much for providing this service! It’s a real boost.”
Nia Williams, creative

“Sometimes, rather than carefully planning what to watch, it’s refreshing to just take a punt and see what you come up with. One of the best places to do just that is the Scenesaver website.”
John Chapman, actor & theatre reviewer “2nd from Bottom

“I am very touched by Scenesaver’s work, and I believe it is of tremendous value to everyone who loves theatre and arts.”
Stevie Awards judge 2020

“Really innovative idea to help people during pandemic, specially by a group of talented women.”
Stevie Awards judge 2020