Does it cost anything to join Scenesaver

It is completely free for users to join Scenesaver and  view footage.

If users want to show their appreciation to the creatives behind the shows they watch they can donate using the Paypal buttons. 100% of donations will be distributed to the performers and theatre companies that are featured on Scenesaver and who are at present unable to work. You can donate using the button below:

How does Scenesaver work?

Users sign up then can log in to view performances. It is like a movie channel; the difference is that Scenesaver brings theatre and performance to your screen instead of cinema.

Am I limited to the number of shows I can watch?

No, you can watch as many performances as you like.

Are new performances regularly added?

Yes, There are loads of small theatres, with new productions every day so  when footage is sent to Scenesaver we aim to upload it as quickly as possible.

Are only English language plays shown on Scenesaver?

We can include performances in all languages.

Why do you need my date of birth?

We have young audiences watching children’s productions and we do not want them to inadvertently see something that is age inappropriate. The date of birth details ensure Scenesaver users view appropriate content.

Are my details passed on to any other parties?

Absolutely not. Scenesaver does not give out any information about our users and creatives or pass on details to anyone else.

What are the analytics on the site used for?

They help us to see viewing patterns e.g. what is proving popular with our users so that we can ensure that we bring you the range of performances that Scenesaver users enjoy seeing.

Why do you have a Comments Policy

Comments, debate and different perspectives are welcome and encouraged. We want people to feel they can discuss their experiences of shows viewed on Scenesaver in a safe, respectful environment. In order to ensure that people feel able to enter constructive discussions online we moderate comments on our productions and blog posts.

Our commenting rules

All comments should be considerate and respectful and we may remove comments (or, in the case of our blogs, not publish comments) that:

  • are offensive, threatening, vindictive, abusive or make personal attacks of any kind
  • are unlawful e.g. content posted in breach of copyright
  • are overly repetitive or irrelevant to the main thread of the conversation
  • advertise commercial products or services
  • contain an email address or any other sort of contact details. If you would like to get in contact with someone, please go through info@scenesaver.co.uk
  • approach people for media work, school projects or research.


Why should I use Scenesaver to show my performance?

Because Scenesaver has thousands of users all over the world so your work will be seen by new global audiences. As the only website to showcase performances from small theatres and emerging creatives, we offer audiences a unique opportunity to discover new work all in one place. Importantly, Scenesaver will not charge you to show your work nor demand you to sign over the rights to your work, or ask for exclusivity. We’re dedicated to making performances accessible to all online.

Can I still submit my performance if I have not got a YouTube/Vimeo account?

If you have a file of your production and are not able to add it to YouTube or Vimeo you can send it to us at submissions@scenesaver.co.uk using free large file transfer sites like WeTransfer.com or MailBifFile.com and we can add it to our YouTube account and this will allow your production to be added to our website.

Does it cost anything to add performances to Scenesaver?

It costs nothing for creatives to submit individual performances.

What are the Scenesaver eligibility requirements ?

Productions must be by professional companies and performers. They must be complete performances and not excerpts or trailers. They cannot contain any offensive, obscene or illegal content.

What format should the production be in?

Your Production needs to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube and should have the settings set to enable the footage to be embedded.

YouTube: Under Video Edit > More options > Tick the check box “Allow Embeding”

Vimeo: Under Video > General > Privacy > “Where can this be embedded?” please select “Anywhere” or Specific Domain and enter scenesaver.co.uk

If you do not have a YouTube or Vimeo channel or experience problems doing this you can email us your film MP4 file via Wetransfer or similar and we will add the show for you.

Do I need to answer all the questions on the submission form?

No. However the more information you provide the more helpful it is to Scenesaver users when they are deciding what to watch. It is entirely up to you how much or how little information you include.

Is there a mininum or maximum show length?

No, the performance can be any length but must be a completed piece. Unfortunately, at present we cannot include works in progress.

Can I submit stand up comedy footage?

Yes, there is a stand up comedy section.

How does Scenesaver impact on the theatres?

Scenesaver helps to promote small theatres to new audiences.  Performances are only screened at the end of a run so this does not interfere with ticket sales whilst a show is live. If a performance finishes and is subsequently re-run, or goes on tour, Scenesaver will not screen the footage during the run.

How long does footage stay on the Scenesaver site?

Once footage has been uploaded it can potentially permanently stay there. The person submitting the footage can request that footage is removed or Scenesaver may decide to no longer show it.

If someone likes my work and wants to contact me, will they be able to?

Yes, when the Scenesaver submission form is completed there is the opportunity to include a link to the website of each of the performers and creatives, so that you can be contacted directly

How do I benefit financially from uploading footage to SceneSaver during the lockdown?

Users who view your footage are asked to make a donation in appreciation. Scenesaver will then distribute 100% of donations to the performers and theatre companies that are viewed on Scenesaver and who are at present unable to work.

Views will also add to your YouTube or Vimeo stats, so if you are monetising your YouTube channel, this could also help you earn money from views.

How will I receive my money from Scenesaver?

Scenesaver aims to allocate the money as quickly as possible to the creatives. When you completed the submission form you will have provided us with your payment details and the money you are entitled to will be paid into this account once Scenesaver has calculated your share of the donations.

Will the views on Scenesaver be included in my channel totals?

Yes it will be added to your total views.