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Rcreatives supports performing artists and emerging writers to develop their own work: www.rcreatives.co.uk

As a hub for creative ideas and a space for experimentation, we were forced to put our upcoming in-person Labs on hold. As well as reevaluating how we could continue to help our community in these challenging times.

This is when R Online Readings came about, supporting playwrights at a different stage of their creative process, bringing performers together on zoom to read and discuss their new scripts for the first time.

The pandemic was indeed a challenging time for our industry however, we discovered it was not all doom and gloom. We were surprised with the amount of thoughtful and innovative new work that had been created. Playwrights have used this time wisely to write the stories that have been locked in their heads for years.

Being a new London based artistic organisation we never expected to interact with playwrights and audiences halfway across the world so soon. Going forward, we have learnt some very important lessons from this time, one being that we can reach a greater audience, allowing people from rural cut off areas, or with limited accessibility to be a part of the experience and engage with the creative process.

Now that the world is tentatively opening up, we know that our community is eager to present the work they have developed during this quiet time. And we are here for it. Bring it on!

Visit www.rcreatives.co.uk to find out more and get involved.

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