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On New Year’s Eve 2020

Back in January, Scenesaver was still in its early stages – a website being created to make little theatre big and accessible to all. We wanted to showcase talent and let everyone experience the innovative work of the world’s smaller theatres regardless of disability, finance, work and childcare commitments, or geography.

When lockdown came it seemed the right thing to just go for it. To launch Scenesaver to do all of the above but also to try to help people get their fix of theatre; to raise some money for the cash-starved theatre world and to host awards to incentivise the creatives to keep on making performances.

And the response has been amazing! The little shoestring startup is now an established platform and all over the world and it is all thanks to you, our loyal Scenesaver users; the creatives who let us feature their work on Scenesaver; and the theatre lovers who watch it. So a massive thank you to you all for helping to make the dream become reality.

In difficult times it has been truly uplifting to see the wonderful work that has been produced, with so many creatives so brilliantly rising to the challenge of making work in lockdown. It has shown us how hugely important theatre is and that, whatever happens, it will continue to flourish even if, at times it is forced to be in a somewhat different form.

Check out our selection of feelgood performances to help you start the new year on a cheerful note.

Happy New Year and thank you for being part of Scenesaver.

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