Nirak Films on digital theatre, accessibility and passion

Nirak Films was created as a response to the pandemic. They recently joined Scenesaver, sharing three versions of their digital theatre play, INSIDIOUS SEED, an original performance, one with subtitles and one with audio-description. This is the gold standard in accessibility of digital theatre making and so we asked producer and director, Karin Heslop Potts to tell us a bit more about it. 

Karin Heslop Potts
Karin, creator of Nirak Films

SceneSaver is an amazing platform that holds the same passion and values of making theatre accessible to audiences across the world. We are excited and delighted to be on their platform and will be bringing you one new play a month – including subtitled and audio described versions.

Having worked in the industry for the past 20+ years as an actor, producer, agent, coach and director it has been devastating to see how this time in our lives is affecting the industry.

Nirak Films was born out of our passion for theatre and the actors I know. We needed to something to keep the magic of theatre alive!

So, this is our contribution.

Art gives us critical and creative thinking which lies at the core of society. Without this I truly believe we will surely be a lot poorer as humans.

Having no money and just an idea of what I wanted to achieve I was delighted to be surrounded by actors, crew and creatives that had the same passion for the industry and we have all been working hard over the summer to produce over 15 plays on film.

Everything you see from Nirak Films is born out of a passion for the survival of theatre. From our website to our productions and everyone involved.

We all hope that our audiences enjoy our work -– so any donations large or small are most welcome – all donations go to pay the actors crew and production team so we can grow and continue to create new plays for the theatre loving public.

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Watch INSIDIOUS SEED on Scenesaver

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