Just Write! Winner 2023

Just Write! The Winners

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Following last week’s big reveal of the finalists in the Just Write! play writing competition, we’re delighted to announce the winners:

Reaching Alice by Kyra Williams

Alice blames her best friend Hannah for the death of her daughter five years ago; a play about female friendship, guilt and whether forgiveness of ourselves and others can ever be possible

Sister Bea’s Full Branzino by Steven Fromm

A professor and former student meet for what is supposed to be a simple reunion dinner, but it turns out to be anything but simple.

The Golden Age by James Morgan

The story of a disgraced Hollywood A-lister’s return to the spotlight in the aftermath of a young girl’s untimely death.

Yesterday/Today by Kevin Douglas

YESTERDAY/TODAY is a queer, sci-fu, multiverse romcom that takes a Beatles-loving failed writer and catapults him “Across the Universe” … whether he likes it or not.

The Palace Garden by Robert Frew

If you were handed the power to remove a brutal dictator, would you do so, if his overthrow could result in bloody anarchy and the total disintegration of your society?

What Would Dave Do? by Matthew Fisher

Dave is waiting in a Hospital Waiting Room, about to become a father. Not alone in his anticipation of fatherhood, someone else is in the waiting room with him… God.

Nap Time by Robin Cantwell

When Damla returns home to find a complete stranger in her bed, alarm bells start ringing — but when her peculiar house guest explains his presence, Damla’s feelings change towards him…

Huge congratulations to all of them. The judges thoroughly enjoyed reading their work and thought the plays were fantastic. We had a huge number of submissions from all over the world so this is a great achievement and we’re really excited to support such exciting new talent.

The winners receive a cash prize of 100 each and their plays will be performed by professional actors at The White Bear Theatre in London in March.

GET TICKETS HERE. Use code WRITE to get them for 5. 

These performances will of course be filmed and shared on Scenesaver.

The standard of entries was so high that we will also be filming rehearsed readings of the remaining finalists’ works, so you can watch them on Scenesaver too. Comiserations but also a big well done to the runners up: Ryan Armstrong, Louis Catliff, Ian Patrick Williams, Chris Dadson and Mark Brown for their excellent plays.

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