Alexandra Palace Theatre

Watch The Offies 2023

February is Offies month and these hugely important awards for Offwestend theatre talent were presented in person for the first time since 2020 at Alexandra Palace Theatre on Sunday 12th February. Watch the show on Scenesaver:

The Offies 2023 Awards Ceremony

There are Offies awards for plays, musicals, theatre for young people, opera, cabaret and IDEA (Immersive / Devised / Experimental / Atypical). In addition, winners of the OffFest (for shows at festivals) and OnComm (for online productions) will be announced, the nominees for the OffComm in the previous year will be acknowledged, and a number of special awards will be announced.

It’s a terrific opportunity to recognise both new and existing talent and can help to launch theatre careers. It is not just actors who achieve recognition as there are 30+ Offies categories including lighting, set design and best new play.

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