Celebrating Subtitles! Captioning Awareness Week 2023

For the third year we’re excited to work with the charity StageTEXT to champion Captioning Awareness Week celebrating the power of subtitles to make the arts a more welcoming and accessible place.

Captioning Awareness Week 2023 takes place from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November, and is an annual campaign to raise awareness of captioning and deaf access to the arts and cultural sector.

Subtitles really do matter and it is amazing how many people need them. Did you know that over 20% of all BBC iPlayer viewers always use subtitles?

Live performances such as theatre, offer an opportunity to connect with emotions, stories, and creativity on a profound level. However, for many people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, this connection may be disrupted due to the lack of accessibility options such as captions or live subtitles.

Together with StageTEXT we aim to change this and shine a spotlight on the importance of making the arts accessible to all through captions and subtitles.

We believe everyone should be able to experience theatre, that’s why we always host a bumper selection of fully-captioned performances of all genres for all ages. Visit our Festival page for more and remember on some shows you may need to turn the captions on in the YouTube player, look for the symbol:

Closed Captioning symbol

We encourage all our creatives to share footage of work with subtitles, even if just for a limited time. If you need a captioning team but doesn’t know where to start, then please get in touch. We’ll help you quickly and inexpensively: info@scenesaver.co.uk

Experience new subtitled work during Captioning Awareness Week during November and beyond on Scenesaver. Watch subtitled performances now


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