Caroline Friedman presents Scenesaver's Award for Best Digital Event at Brighton Fringe. Photo by Danny Fitzpatrick.

Brighton Fringe: Best Digital Event Award 2022

Scenesaver Founder Caroline Friedman was delighted to be in Brighton to present our Award for Best Digital Event at Brighton Fringe 2022.

Twenty seven events were shortlisted for the award. Standards for digital productions were extremely high this year, as would be expected given all the adaptations creatives have had to make over the last couple of years, and the range of events superbly diverse.

The winner of the Award is 落叶归根 (Luò yè guī gēn) “Getting Home” by Cheryl Ho and Rachel Lee.

Fittingly, Cheryl wasn’t able to pick up the award in person as she was on the other side of the world. But that’s the beauty of creating a digital version of your work – people anywhere in the world can experience it and appreciate it, even if they can’t applaud you in person.

Scenesaver is committed to supporting creatives by providing a platform where they can share their work for free online and be seen by thousands of people across the world.

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Main photo of Caroline Friedman presenting the award by / Danny Fitzpatrick

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