Advice on starting a career in theatre

Brought to you in partnership with Actors Pro Expo

With the welcome news that theatre doors may start to re-open we thought it would be a good idea to have a blog piece with some advice on how to make it in the industry.

We know how frustrating and difficult it has been so many, especially the theatre students who have graduated and have yet to find work.

So we asked some of our creatives if they could offer some words of advice.

The answers came in fast and furious- everyone wanted to help.

But no-one could agree on anything!

You must get an agent advised one successful actor- without one you have no chance of success.

Whatever you do, don’t waste time getting an agent, just get out there and make work, insisted another equally renowned thespian.

The dos and don’t continued, no sooner had one person suggested something than another contradicted it! In fact the only point that everyone seemed able to agree on was that there actually are no right or wrong ways of doing it! What fits for one performer does not work for another. Some people had a lucky break and were spotted by a director, others followed the more conventional path of drama school and this worked well for them.

So, if you are someone who is longing for a career in theatre, (whatever your age) or maybe have your degree from drama school but not yet been able to tread the boards, we have linked with the online ActorsproExpo February 11-13  to help you work out how to follow your dream. Actors Pro Expo was set up by actors for actors to help and encourage them in all areas of their life as a professional. It is a great opportunity to help develop and sustain your career and to create new opportunities. Admission is free and there is an extensive range of seminars focusing on craft and offering essential advice on the practicalities of working within the industry.

It is a great opportunity to meet with Casting Directors and Agents who will be on hand to offer advice and there are plenty of offers including free websites. Good luck!

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