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Access For Us shine a spotlight on Scenesaver

Access For Us is a non-profit blog, raising awareness for disabled fans. They hope to create change towards the lack of accessibility, and the discrimination towards disabled fans at venues across the country, and via online ticket systems.

The founders, Jess and Holly, kindly invited our founder, Caroline to write a guest post about Scenesaver.

We enthusiastically agree with their introduction to the post:

Digital theatre opens up so many doors for disabled people, it’s an accessible way of watching theatre shows right from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, it gives people the opportunity to experience theatre shows who would otherwise be unable to have these memorable experiences.

Theatre should be for everyone, and no one should miss out.

We shouldn’t also forget about the smaller theatre productions that take place because they can often be just as good as the larger, popular ones.

Visit Access For Us to find out more.

Guest Blog: An introduction to Scenesaver

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