Announcing Scenesaver

‘Netflix for theatre’ set up to showcase Off-West End productions

An online hub aiming to become a “Netflix for theatre” has been founded to showcase productions from Off-West End theatres and smaller venues.

Scenesaver has been set up by producer Caroline Friedman, who is an assessor for the Off West End Theatre Awards.

The website will be free to access, however viewers will be encouraged to donate, with the proceeds going towards supporting the theatres. Friedman is calling on theatres to upload recorded versions of their shows to the site.

Scenesaver can be viewed anywhere in the world, with footage from all genres and in any language welcome.

Friedman said: “Originally, I was starting the site because I wanted to showcase what work was going on for people who were working nights, or disabled and couldn’t access particular theatres, so they were missing out on these amazing productions.

“That was the idea, but with the coronavirus happening, I thought I would launch it now, and the idea is that people know where to come to see what’s on.”

She added: “I just really want to try and do something to help, and it’s also to keep performance on people’s minds, so when they do come out of this they think ‘I must go back’.”

Log in to share your full-length performance footage on Scenesaver or watch brilliant performance from small theatres all over the world and donate to the creatives behind them.