Covid 19: Supporting Theatre Creatives

December 25th 2019. All over the world people were sharing Christmas Day with family and friends.

But can you imagine if, as the turkey was being carved, someone said:
“In less than three months we will all be living in isolation, the Government will prevent us from leaving our homes, we will be unable to meet our loved ones, businesses will be closed, shops empty and every day hundreds and hundreds of people will be dying.”

No-one would have believed them.

They would have dismissed this as pure fantasy -fiction not fact. An impossibility.

Scroll forward 12 weeks to March 2020, and the worldwide apocalypse that is Covid 19 had arrived. The Doomsday scenario has become a reality.

The impact has been huge in so many terrible ways.

The bright lights of the theatre world were abruptly switched off and the industry plunged into darkness and despair.

For many the first few weeks were a period of shock and mourning. Coming to terms with the realities, unscrambling plans, trying to find a way forward, a way to keep theatre alive. And online has become the new platform for performance.

Scenesaver is playing its part. We were ready to launch so, in response to the pandemic, decided to make subscriptions to the site free, asking subscribers to make a voluntary donation-a ticket price- to see a performance. We trust you to do the decent thing and while the lockdown is on 100 per cent of this money will go to the creatives who are unable to work.

And now that the shock has worn off creatives are doing what they are good at and starting to perform once again, but online rather than on stage . Which is why Scenesaver has partnered with Offwestend to host the new OnComms theatre awards and let you see these new performances.

Scenesaver is striving to bring you a varied selection of shows, every bit as eclectic as the performances would have been on stage. The quality of some of the footage may not be absolutely perfect but please make allowances for this as the quality of the actual content is worth that bit of extra effort. If anything it helps to re-create the atmosphere of live performance when there is always the risk your view can be partly obstructed by a rogue pillar or someone with a towering hairdo or the sound system can be somewhat temperamental.

We hope you enjoy the show.