John Craggs Actor

John Craggs on supporting fellow creatives

John Craggs is an actor @johncraggsactor and the creator of @SupportBritish the U.K. Actors Support Network Twitter account, which has been exceptionally busy and supportive during the pandemic. It’s for actors, producers, casting directors, sharing audition notifications, news, chat and other interesting things. We asked John how he was coping. 

Since the pandemic began, I have endeavoured to keep as active as I possibly can do, without putting any pressure on myself to do anything unless I wish to. Also I continue to support fellow creatives on my Support British twitter account.

Every Friday I organise a Zoom Event which has proved extremely valuable to all who jump on board. We now have Guests who are giving up their time to come and have a chat and a short Q&A.

All in all I’m doing pretty good and taking each day as it comes with a few things to look forward to.

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