Create a Play: Children’s factsheet and Summer Competition

If the family are feeling inspired after watching a show then why not create your own this half term? Download our guide to “How to put on your own theatre show” and get creative in your at home theatre.

The simple factsheet takes children step by step through the things they need to think about to create their own performance at home, from the story and the cast, to the costumes, props, set and programme.

Competition time

We’d love to see what your family come up with. Record the performance using your mobile phone or iPad and send it to us at¬†You may need to use an online file transfer service like WeTransfer or if you already have a YouTube channel or Vimeo account, upload it there and send us the link so we can watch it there.

Open to ages under 8, and 9-14. We can’t wait to see what you come up with and our favourites will win some special Scenesaver goodies!

Get Scenesaver Theatre tickets

Whether you’re watching a performance on Scenesaver or creating your own, use our free to download and print theatre tickets to make it extra special. Customise your ticket with the name of your play, the location, date and time of the performance.

Right click on the ticket image and save to your device, to print it out.

Scenesaver Theatre ticket to customise
A customisable theatre ticket for you to fill in for your theatre at home experience.

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