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Broadway World interviews Caroline

Scenesaver founder, Caroline Friedman, talked to Broadway World about how the idea for Scenesaver came about and launching a theatre streaming website during the pandemic.

Jonathan Marshall was interested to hear about Caroline’s interest in theatre, the concept of and aims for Scenesaver and how people’s attitudes to filming live performance and streaming fringe theatre had changed due to Covid-19.

When you initially approached smaller venues with your idea for Scenesaver, what were their reactions to the concept?

Pre Covid, some people were quite disparaging – they insisted that theatre had to be live. But I countered this by explaining that, yes, live theatre is amazing, but this is the next best thing. If you have had your successful run and sold your tickets, why not share your work with people who, for whatever reason, could not go to the theatre to see it? And also, surely you want a record of something on which you have lavished so much care in its creation. You stage a performance in order for people to see and enjoy it. Scenesaver is an extension of that, a worldwide stage taking your work out to new audiences.

Thank you Broadway World for helping to spread the word about Scenesaver!

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